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So I'm on a flight to Palau. I had never heard of Palau before I moved to Guam but it looks pretty cool and the flight was (somewhat) cheap. I'm with a bunch of coworkers and this is the first... Continue Reading →


just freeze, please.

  So it was another great weekend on Guam, and although I just recently posted, my weekend inspired me to write again.    Yesterday afternoon, I was hanging out with some friends at their apartment in Tumon. We sat around  and drank... Continue Reading →

guam lately

Time is flying. The last few months have been a bit of a blur, and I can't believe i'm almost at the 7 month mark (got here 12/3).  I guess its summer now - on Guam that means its a bit... Continue Reading →

weekend in seoul

 Several years ago my close friend & soul mate left me in Hawaii to move to Seoul, South Korea. At the time, I was baffled. I knew she needed the change and it was a great opportunity, but, Korea? Really?... Continue Reading →

Intro to Guam 

  Hafa adai! I’ve been living on Guam for 4 months and have yet to write about it. So here goes: I really like it here. My job is challenging and interesting and I am impressed by the judicial system... Continue Reading →

B A L I.

People keep asking me about Bali. Here's what I did, what I didn't do, and what I want to do... I spent months planning my first trip to Bali.When I first chose Bali as my destination, I was thinking about... Continue Reading →

the journey to Guam part three: the return to BALI

   By the time I arrived back at DXB I was feeling like a new person. I was refreshed and excited for the next leg of my journey, despite the difficulty I had saying goodbye to the Burj! It would... Continue Reading →

the journey to Guam, part two: that time i didn’t touch a door for 30 hours

   When I landed in Dubai I went straight to the Emirates counter. They informed me of my 30 hour layover and were horrified that JetBlue did not provide me with accommodations in Dubai. Because they didn’t have any affiliation with... Continue Reading →

the journey to Guam, part one: SYR>JFK>DXB

written sporadically over the past few weeks... The last time I wrote I was relaxing at the Pink Coco in Bali. I have been meaning to write several times since then, but I have been mentally and physically overwhelmed. I... Continue Reading →

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