September, coming in hot!

Where did the summer go? The last few months have been jam packed with way too much work, way too much fun, and way too much rain!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – August is the “Sunday of Summer.” And while everyone else says goodbye to their boats and bikinis and ramps up for football season and PSL’s, those of us living on little rocks in the ocean do not anticipate the same type of shift. We will not be spending  Saturdays swapping out our wardrobes, picking apples, and sipping cider…

But that doesn’t mean that the end of summer won’t trigger any change. While I continue to acclimate to island life, I have to remind myself to jump out of the groundhog day that this life can so quickly create and use the ending of months and standard seasons to springboard into new routines, refresh old routines, and re-commit to the life I want to create for myself.
But before I say goodbye to the wild adventure that was this summer, let’s check out the highlight reel:


When I last left you I was writing from a plane headed to Palau. You can find the Palau post [link coming soon]. Here’s the skinny: I went with coworkers after a rough few weeks in the office. We drank A LOT, spent almost the entire weekend on a boat (with the best captain ever) and the islands were incredible. Palau is likely the most beautiful place I have ever been and my photos do not do it justice. I ended up leaving a day early due to exhaustion, way too many bug bites, and serious FOMO (fear of missing out) on July 4th with my friends.

July 4th

Despite being exhausted after landing back on Guam at 4 am, I managed to have a  blast with my friends at what would be one of several parties this summer at VKT (my friends’ condo on the beach). We drank, ate, danced around like fools, and took a lot of dumb pictures. I ended the day at TGIFriday’s with mozzarella sticks and beer. ‘Merica!

Liberation Day

We celebrate Liberation Day here on July 21st. It is a REALLY big deal and there’s a massive parade that people camp out the night before to see. I avoided all of that traffic and stayed in Tumon, and went to yet another party at VKT and had a blast with my friends. PS: mid-week holidays are both a blessing and a curse.

NITA training

My office sent me to a FANTASTIC trial advocacy training at the federal court. It was an intensive course that required us to practice trial skills (witness examination, voir dire, opening and closing arguments, etc) using a fake case the instructors provided. There were a lot of attorneys in attendance with all sorts of backgrounds, and our judges were senior attorneys and judges from the area as well as the nation. They recorded our opening and closing arguments and I found that watching myself “perform” was extremely helpful. The training reminded me of prosecutor bootcamp that i attended (and loved) a couple years ago. After what has been a hectic and stressful summer at work, this training was a nice break from the real cases and a great refresher…and the food was on point!


Champagne & Selfie Sticks Birthday Celebration

My friends really brought it this year. I had a “super tourist” themed birthday weekend. Day one started with a pool party at VKT involving “I ❤ Guam” merchandise, champagne, selfie sticks, and a whole lot of dancing. Maddy made an incredible cookie covered cake and I got some really awesome gifts! Oh, and I might have ended up in a club with a bunch of the marshals from court…safety first, friends!

Day two started at the Outrigger for brunch. My friends killed it with their tourist attire. While I had some tourist attire in my bag, I decided that carrying around a selfie stick was enough to scream “tourist” and that I could get away with wearing a cute little dress instead. And it was my birthday. Brunch was fantastic. I ate an inappropriate amount of Japanese cheesecake and took a special champagne pause so that I could face-time with Dad. Post brunch adventures included wandering around the duty free galleria and requesting the tourist trolley driver to take us to beach bar for free, which he did. Once at beach bar there was a lot of dancing to (or at) my favorite local band, drinking delicious things, and eating delicious poke. The night ended at Min’s karaoke where I sang “I’m on a boat.” Monday was painful.

Beer Olympics

I’m no stranger to Beer Olympics and was extremely pleased when I got drafted to Team Jamaica this year. The party was one of the best I’ve been to and I was super impressed with everyone’s costumes and commitment to staying in character ALL NIGHT. The events were so much fun that, at one point, I tried to abandon my country and create a new country so that I could play again. To be fair, half of my team had since disappeared. Confession: I [Usain] Bolted so much last weekend that my arms and shoulders are still sore. (It is Wednesday).

work, weekends & weather

So those were the big events of the summer, but really, every weekend was tons of fun. Typical weekends involved getting together with everyone at VKT, slosh ball on the beach, running up mountains, and amazing sunsets. Like I said before, work has been hectic with a heavy caseload and a lot of time in court. The craziness of the week consistently bled into the weekend making me want to soak up every last second of the Sunday sunsets before throwing in the towel and preparing for the impending circus. I tried to find balance here and there, often keeping my surfboard and yoga mat in my car, just in case I needed a breather. I will admit that there have been days that I paddled out into completely flat water (at lunch) in order to get away from my phone and silence my mind.

Summer on Guam was HOT, until we had a few weeks of consistent rain. Like, crazy, crazy rain, and day after day of gloom. I welcomed it with open arms and was happy to be able to wear long sleeved shirts without looking ridiculous or immediately sweating through them. However, the extreme flooding in my office parking lot was not enjoyable, to say the least.

That’s all for this one. Goodbye to another summer and hello to “fall.” Time to re-commit to a slightly healthier lifestyle and continue the endless search for that little thing called “balance.” 😉

Cheers! ❤