Time is flying. The last few months have been a bit of a blur, and I can’t believe i’m almost at the 7 month mark (got here 12/3).  I guess its summer now – on Guam that means its a bit hotter, stickier, and we’ll be getting more rain. But for all of you back stateside, I hope you’re enjoying lake days and summer shandy and baseball games and all that good stuff.


So, where has the time gone? Well, I’ve been very busy at work, and for the most part, i’m really enjoying it. I’ve had two trials (back to back) and spend a lot of time in court. The courtroom is my favorite part of this job so that is a GOOD thing – I get a little antsy when I have full weeks of “office” days.


The last few months, while fun, have been challenging. I am happy to say that I feel like I am growing both personally and professionally, and I am developing some great relationships out here. Sometimes I feel like I am so far removed from my “old life”and family stateside and that sometimes I’m just on the outside looking in – it can be very isolating and difficult at times. But life here is an adventure, and I am surrounding myself with people who feel more and more like family every day. So, all is well on Guam.

Here’s some highlights since last time I wrote:

IMG_7108 - CopyThunder Down Under. A few of the girls got together to see Thunder Down Under at the Sheraton. Ok, I’m only considering this a highlight because it was a really, really fun night out…I learned a few weeks later that the real Australian talent can be found at Hilton Pool. More on that later.

IMG_7321Or now. Yea, I joined the Hilton. The hotel has a great gym and my membership includes pool access and discounts at the restaurants. I love hotels and I spend a lot of time there. I think that hanging out at a hotel all the time reminds me to be grateful that I get to live here, and generally, its just a relaxing place to be. Its great to have a gym in between my apartment and work, and the facilities are very nice. The sunbathing Aussies are just icing on the cake.

I got into a car accident. Some old man took a sweet left turn into my entire driver’s side. I was without my beloved Xterra for several weeks. I recently got it back, only to be hit again in the courthouse parking lot. Luckily this time the damage is minimal. Initially I got upset but reminded myself that it is just a car. I have given up my attachment to keeping it in pristine condition and have accepted that its life on Guam is unavoidably going to give it some “character.”


My surfboard came in! I had a custom board built by Kazuma Surfboards out of Haiku, Maui. It’s a 7’4 and is absolutely beautiful…I sent Matt a picture of my car and my favorite hat from Bali and what he created was not only an amazing piece of gear, but a beautiful piece of art. I love, love, love it and hope I don’t destroy it!

IMG_7255 - Copy

Perimeter (Beerimeter) Relay. I heard about the Guam Perimeter Relay fairly soon after I arrived on island. I was immediately excited about it, as, back in my Hawaii days, my dear friend Katie and I tried to run the perimeter of Oahu. We never finished our conquest and I always wished that we had.

IMG_7239 - Copy

Initially I was going to run with my office but I ended up getting onto the AH3 team. We had an impressive group of athletes, athletes who like to have a lot fun. Each member ran 2-3 legs of the race, ranging from 1-4ish miles. We followed in pick up trucks dropping and picking up our runners. Our race was a bit different than our competitors. Instead of just handing off a baton to the next runner, we were required to pound a beer before we could start running each leg. At first it was really fun, but as the sun blazed down on us, it started to take its toll. We still managed to finish 6th in our division and 10th out of 68 teams. We completed 48.6 miles in 5:56. It is definitely one of my most favorite things that I have done since I’ve been here.


What else? I’ve had some pretty relaxing weekends, and some pretty rowdy parties with wonderful friends. Lots of sunsets, yoga on the beach, and trail runs. I’ve been going up to Jeep trails near Leo Palace Resort and running after work. I find that this is a fantastic way to shut down a Monday – running in a beautiful place, entirely alone. I love running trail with no set destination or planned route, and sunset makes it all the sweeter.



King Maverick

I rescued a little kitty. One of my coworkers saw him in a gutter on the side of a very busy road and tossed him in her car, and then sent a frantic office wide email asking for someone to take him. So I did.IMG_7661

He was 4-5 weeks old when rescued and fit in my hand. He was very scared, smelly, and full of worms but all of that has been sorted. He’s gotten quite comfortable at home. He loves to perch on my shoulder and be as close to my face as possible. I reassure him every day that he is the king of the apartment.  Having him around has made my apartment feel much more like a home. Thanks, little guy.


I haven’t traveled since Korea but will be heading to Palau for 4th of July weekend. There are 7 of us from the office going and we have a lot of cool stuff planned.

Its Friday here, and another week has gone by in a flash. I’ve never felt time fly like this before. I don’t ever get “Sunday blues” out here – partially because Sundays on Guam are AWESOME, and partially because I have grown accustomed to my work weeks moving at lightning speed. No need to waste time complaining about Monday, because before ya know it, it will be Friday again. Scary, but fun.

IMG_7429Other news: Faye gets here tomorrow! Yay! Oh, and I finally bought a TV… and I realized how much I missed having a TV. I’m currently obsessed with snapchat filters. Judge away…I don’t care! Also, I’m trying to give up french fries.First the fries, then the cupcakes…baby steps, kids, baby steps.

That’s all for now, thanks for checkin’ in! ❤