Most of this was written on a flight from IAH -> CLT.

My life currently feels like a perpetual weekend. I have been going out way too much and last week I felt the exhaustion set in. So, this past weekend was supposed to be a calm, relaxing, rejuvenating weekend, but in true Kristin fashion, it ended up being pretty aggressive.

Fall for Greenville is an awesome, weekend-long food, wine and music festival. There are tons of food tents and bands and craft beer, delicious desserts and a wine garden. I left Charlotte on Friday afternoon and braved the traffic on 85, and then again on 29. I actually managed to hit all possible traffic and it took me well over 2.5 hours to get to Greenville. I went straight to Megan’s house and we went out from there. We started off our evening with Pimento Cheese Sliders and Sweet Bacon. I had a pumpkin beer from Catawba Brewery to start with, but ended up on a strange alcoholic journey that night. I switched from the pumpkin to a stella, then to a Michelob ultra, followed by sauvignon blanc from the wine garden, and then a bold red blend from another local winery. I finished the night off with a Jack & Ginger and finally some Jameson. Obviously I felt great the next day. As for the rest of my food intake – I did some shrimp & grits, mini cupcakes, and a frosting shot. Yes, a frosting shot. Have we met?


Megan and I both felt terrible on Saturday morning. The original plan was to go watch her friends compete in a crossfit competition, go to hot yoga at 10, and then have a beer or two while watching football. Here’s what really happened: we stayed in bed snuggling with LBD all morning.

LBD (little brown dog)

I finally dragged myself out into the rain to a noon hot yoga class at SouthernOm. When I first got into child’s pose, my forehead on the floor, everything started spinning. I immediately thought “oh, shit, this is going to be the longest hour of my life,” but after a few breaths I started to feel better, and actually had a great practice. I sweated out a lot of booze and frosting and felt like a new woman afterwards. I stopped in whole foods and picked up some juice before heading to Starbucks. Definition of “basic,” or a nice Saturday morning? Both? At least I didn’t get a PSL.

power hour

After my little adventure I went back to Megan’s to find her and two of our friends snuggled up in bed with LBD. We eventually made our way down to Mac’s Speed Shop for some food and football. Later that evening, we met up with Dustin & co. at Breakwater for drinks. After about 2 Kentucky Mules and an excessive amount of texting, I was booked on a flight to Houston, leaving the next morning. Sound familiar?

Because I was in Greenville and fully prepared for cold weather, I had to make it back to Charlotte in time to grab some warm weather clothes for Houston. It probably would have made more sense to stop at the mall and leave out of Greenville, but keep in mind, the flight was booked in a bar. Not the first time I’ve done this.

SO, I got up around 7am on Sunday. My alarm went off and I looked at meg and LBD, and was like, uhhh, I have to go catch a flight? Yes, yes you do. I popped out of bed, took a quick shower and headed to Charlotte. I got home, grabbed one of my prepacked suitcases (ok I shoved a bunch of other random crap into said suitcase) and called an uber. I had about 55 minutes until departure and I needed to be able to check the mystery suitcase. My uber arrived and I told him I had to get to CLT as fast as humanly possibly. He responded “how about safely?” and I responded “I prefer fast.”

what’s inside?!?!

And he obliged. We flew down Billy Graham Parkway and he got me to the ticket counter with about 42 minutes until departure. No problem checking the monster. I was lucky enough to find flights offering First Class at $5 less than economy. To be honest, I probably would have booked First anyways, but the price difference made me feel better about doing so. And I was really happy I did, as I breezed through security, walked right onto my plane and relaxed with my friends Jack & Ginger. When lunch service came around, lasagna was the last thing I wanted to eat, but I realized that I hadn’t eaten anything yet that day. So, I ate some lasagna and kept the whiskey train rolling.

I arrived in Houston early, around 1230pm. We had a couple beers at a big outdoor bar before heading to the Astros game. The seats were great, the fans were excited, and the air con was cold. Perfection. Oh, and the company was pretty nice as well. 😉

After the game, it was time for movies and wine. I woke up on Sunday absolutely exhausted, and while I was amazed by how good I felt all day, I was still happy to have a relaxing night in. We ordered thai delivery but filled up on chips while waiting for it. We lounged and chatted and it was absolutely wonderful.

I slept GREAT last night. I stayed in bed for much of the morning and by the time I finally emerged, I felt refreshed. I really needed it.

 This afternoon I jumped on a flight back to Charlotte. No lasagna this time. Cheese and crackers and almonds, and some decent sauvignon blanc…in a real wine glass! True story: cheap wine tastes better out of real glasses than it does when served in a plastic cup. Nap time for this girl, I’ll write more when I land.

Follow up:

CLT was a disaster when I landed. What a mad house! I rarely see that airport so crowded. It took me almost an hour to get my bag, and then the taxi line was a millions miles long. I called an uber, and he suggested that I go upstairs and meet him at departures instead of arrivals. smart! We got out of there pretty quickly. He happened to work for US Air/American and told me that once US Air is no longer in existence (I think he said end of this week) we should see American Airlines get a little nicer. He wasn’t surprised that my first class ticket was cheaper than economy, he said it happens a lot because airlines want those seats to be filled. They’re the front of the plane, and everyone walks by them, so the airlines want them filled. Makes sense…so, if you’re booking a last minute flight, check the first class rate first. He also suggested that when booking flights, especially long ones, pay attention to what plane you’re booking. I’ve done this before but I still think its sort of a crap shoot. I have found seat guru to be very informative, though. I told him about my disastrous flights to and from Singapore, he laughed at me. He suggested that if I go to London/Europe again to fly out of Dublin, said it’ll save a lot of money and AerLingus is great. This, I know. The first time I went to europe I flew AerLingus to Ireland and I think it was something like $400 to get out there from Upstate New York. Finally, we talked about the flight. Yes, there is one flight I am dying to take – I must fly to Dubai on Emirates, the A380. He had done the flight and said that it will change my flying forever. Yes, sir, I believe you.

So yea, dude was cool. I like meeting people that like to talk about flying as much as I do, and he had lots of knowledge on the topic.

spotted at IAH. if it had been another airline, id assume it was a throwback design and give a 👍! but its united, so its likely the original aircraft, likely never updated😕

So, that was my weekend. Surprisingly enough, I actually feel rested and rejuvenated. Success!

One more thing:

As more and more of my friends have started to read this blog, I have been getting inquiries as to how I am able to travel so much.

Here’s your answer:

I’m only a lawyer because I like how I look (and feel) in suits. I’m actually an heiress to a small ranch dressing fortune, and some refer to me as the Princess of the Hidden Valley.

 That’s a lie. Except the part about how much I like to wear suits. Cheers 😘