I don’t want to say too much about this, but here’s the deal: American Samoa isn’t happening. It was partially due to complications on their end, and partially due to a deep, sinking, “this doesn’t feel right” feeling that I couldn’t shake. So, I’m a free agent. There are some great options on the table but in the short term, I have no idea where I will be living, and if/where I’ll be working in the next two weeks. Sounds fun, right?

Ok, well it’s not THAT bad…

 I spent last weekend in Greenville, South Carolina with my friends from law school. These two have been trying to get me to come to Greenville for awhile now, and finally, I did. I think (I know) that they were both trying to “woo” me into moving out that way. Megan, one of my best friends from law school and former roommate had us start the weekend off at hot yoga (at a brand new, beautiful studio) and we followed that up with delicious dinner and drinks at Rick Erwin’s downtown. We had a blast with our friend Dustin and ate the most delicious steamed bagel sandwiches late night. Needless to say, my appetite has returned!


a perfect old fashioned
tuna and burgers at rick erwins
kentucky mule at breakwater
lil sassy on a friday night!

 I forgot how much I missed my friends, and how much fun we have together. I even got to spend time with my other former roommate, Riley, or as we like to call her “little brown dog,” or “LBD.”On Saturday morning we slept through yoga and skipped going out in the pouring rain. Instead, we drank coffee and talked and talked…it was like we never skipped a beat. 

Later that day I met back up with Dustin and his crew for the Clemson/Notre Dame game. We met at this little diner and had “groceries” before the drinking got started again. Best fried chicken club I’ve ever had….ok, maybe the only one I’ve ever had. We headed towards Clemson, piling into an SUV with football on the radio and a cooler of booze in the trunk. Welcome to game day, y’all.

We stopped at a little bar called Goobers in Clemson. We had to pick up a parking pass and obviously have a drink before we headed to the lake house tailgate. The bar was tiny and cozy and orange. There was no way you could mistake this place to be anything other than a Clemson insitution.

After some drinks it was time to head to the lake. It had been down pouring all day with no end in sight, so we decided against the typical tailgate and went for the fancy, dry tailgate here:

Yea, that place was OK. 😉

We finally made our way to the stadium, where I was lucky enough to have a space in the suite with a particularly sweet, generous, and rowdy bunch. We had TONS of food, all the booze you could imagine, and stayed nice and dry while watching the game. We stayed about an hour after the game ended and had an impromptu dance party and photo sesh, which happened to be quite fun.

 Ya know what wasn’t quite fun? Walking back to the car, which was a million miles away. In the pouring rain. We had managed to stay dry and avoid the monsoon ALL day. So, we trekked back to the car, got soaked, waited in traffic, and got back to Greenville around 3 am. After some fried food at the diner, it was time for bed.

Meg and I had brunch at Roost in downtown Greenville on Sunday morning. It was DELICIOUS. She had a healthy and delicious spinach/feta/tomato omelette and I had a horribly unhealthy, yet ridiculously tasty bacon, egg, and cheese croissant. No regrets!  The rain had finally let up so we wandered around some boutiques before heading back. I hung out with Megan and LBD for a bit after brunch and then made my way back to Charlotte.


brunch at roost
back in Charlotte for Sunday football
Here’s another thing that happened:

That Friday night, we were out at a bar, and this guy started talking to us. At first he was talking about normal stuff, and all of a sudden starts telling us that all of the shootings in the US over the past few years were a conspiracy, and blamed Obama. At first we just looked at each other, like, ok man, keep drinking, but he kept going. He told me that “sandy hook” isn’t even a school. I replied with “it’s a town.” Then he told me that the shooting there never happened. I started to get fired up. This doesn’t happen often, but when it does…ruh roh! I calmly told him that yes, it did happen, and that I knew someone who lost a child in the massacre. He still didn’t stop. Luckily for this dude I happened to be in a really good mood and wasn’t about to let him ruin it…but he made my blood boil.

My interaction with this guy, particularly my reaction to him -that blood-boiling, launch into fight-mode was a quick reminder of a conversation I had with a friend last week.  I sought out advice from him regarding my current employment/life status as he had been a huge supporter of my am-sam adventure. I told him that there was a part of me that was contemplating just dropping the law thing, getting certified to teach yoga, and writing a book. Even if that was a realistic option for me, he told me that he didn’t think that would be enough for me. He said “Kristin, you’re a fighter.” “From everything you’ve told me about your history and your career and from what I’ve seen in you, you’re a fighter, and I don’t think that path will be enough for you.”

Maybe he was right, maybe not. I don’t think I need to continue to be a prosecutor to satisfy “the fighter” in me. There are other ways to advocate. But I think that the real point he was getting at was to beware of selling myself short. There are reasons why I became a lawyer, in particularly, a trial lawyer, and there are reasons why I became a prosecutor. And I like to think that I was a good one.  What I took away from the conversation was that because things didn’t work out as planned, and although sometimes my choices (mostly career based) can be difficult and stressful, I shouldn’t just throw them away. While yes, I think I could be happy teaching yoga and writing silly stories for all of you, I need to be cognizant of my other strengths, and not let all the work I’ve done fall to wayside when things get tough. Thanks, Adge.

  So far, this week has been weird. It has FINALLY stopped raining and the sun came back. As I have regained my appetite (jumpstarting it with burgers and fried food in Greenville) and thus my energy, I’ve been back at yoga at Y2. I went to the 8:30PM class the last two nights, Monday night with Rian and Tuesday with Shanna. Both classes were similar, but so different. These two instructors each have such unique styles, it’s really cool to experience. When I first saw “twilight flow” I expected it to be slow, kinda sleepy, maybe some candles, maybe a vampire and some bad acting…but instead I found an awesome workout, LOUD music, inspiring teachers, and neon lights. Loved it. I took tonight off from yoga and went for a great run. Despite feeling a little down and stressed today, I found that I had tons of energy. Sometimes stress can serve as fuel for me. But I prefer carbs.
Not sure what is in store for this weekend, but don’t worry, I’ll write about it next week. Oh, and James, my LHR->CLT comrade, your post is coming soon. I didn’t forget about you (or the Texans tailgate sitting in front of us).