written at an undisclosed location in Uptown Charlotte-
I haven’t felt like writing much lately. Life has been just a bit stressful the past few weeks…and by a bit, I actually mean horribly, incredibly, overwhelmingly stressful. Somewhere along the way I even lost my appetite. Everyone who knows me knows that this never happens. I am constantly eating, and am always up for a meal no matter when the last time I ate was. So this is what stress is. Hm. Thanks for the crash diet, life, but I didn’t need it.

But seriously, fuck that, let’s talk about some fun stuff!

This summer was insane. When I got back from Bali, all I wanted to do was travel and surf and completely change my life in every way possible. I suppose not wearing makeup or shoes for two weeks can do that to you. I wanted to surround myself with people from different countries and cultures and spend my time in places where I knew no one. At the time, I was dating a guy who lived on the other side of the world. When I was telling him about my plans to leave I remember him telling me that he was worried that after a little while, I would fall back into my life here and get comfortable again. Perhaps he was right, but I don’t think so.

I never got comfortable this summer. This was a summer entirely defined by discomfort. And this discomfort ended up overhauling my perspective on every aspect of my life- my career, my relationships, and even my address.

I have always known that I have a pretty good life and try to live with an attitude of gratitude…but over the past few months I have been overwhelmed by just how good I really have it. Towards the end of the summer someone very, very close to me told that I had “the perfect life.” At first I thought he was kidding, or drunk, perhaps both…but then after I thought about it for a few minutes, I realized that he was right.

Maybe it took a summer of mentally and actually preparing to leave my home, my job, my friends, and my family to come to this realization. But I think it was a lot more than that. My friends, many of whom I consider family, made this summer incredible. I always talk about what a thrill it is to travel to new places, landing in new cities with no idea as to what’s coming next. But there were so many times this summer that I felt that same feeling of exhilaration – and it was when I was surrounded by the people I love, in places I had been a million times. It was awesome.

So, as fall rolls in and the summer shandy is replaced by some pumpkin flavored drink, whether it be a heavy beer or latte, let’s reflect on what happened this summer:

I got back from Bali in crazy good shape. Best way to kickstart beach season? Surf camp, brah! Duh.

Whit & lew got engaged. And we found whit’s dress. Congrats, gypsies. I love you and I promise I’ll be at your wedding.

  Socialympics X

Team “champagne showers” crushed the socialympics this year. We didn’t exactly place, but we won best entrance, which, at this event, is all that really matters. Take that, Mario Brothers. 😉

I went back to my natural hair color. Thanks, Salon 42, those highlights had to go.

I did a lot of great workouts. Like paddling at the whitewater center, and an awesome pop up workout at freedom park, sponsored by Arrichion.

I spent some time in NYC. 

  Over the past year, I fell in love with New York. The energy is incredible, I have amazing friends there, and the food…ohhh, the food.

Spent time with the fox’s. Thank you, Carol, Ed, and my sweet Amy for being my family and opening up your home to me. Carol & Ed- you’ve raised an amazing daughter who happens to be one of my most favorite people on this earth. Meeting her was one of the best things that has ever happened to me, and I know that she is one of the reasons why I ended up in Charlotte. Well done.



 I quit my job. And it was awful. I thought I was ready to leave, but when it came time, I was an absolute mess. Thank you all so much for teaching me, supporting me, and taking care of me over the last two years.  
I also received this book. This particular reporter drives me crazy,  almost blew up a huge trial of mine, and writes the most ridiculous stories. So excited to read this.

Shark-Nado was real in the south east. Kept my bum out of the ocean, all damn summer. Wtf, mate?

  I turned 30…in Singapore. And I had a blast. Singapore has always fascinated me and the trip exceeded all expectations, despite being exhausted for most of it and experiencing some pretty awful vertigo!   
United Airlines tried to feed me this. Tip: don’t fly United Economy long haul flights. (I did not eat that food).

 I left Charlotte, and I freaked out. So I stopped along the blue ridge parkway and took a deep breathe.

 I spent time at home. And it was necessary. See, e.g., “The day walkers”

My blog (sort of) took off. Over the past few weeks, I have been approached by several people- some I know, some I don’t know, who read and apparently enjoy my blog.  I’ve received feedback like “stop being a lawyer and write a book,” and “you say and do the things that we don’t have the balls to say and do,” etc. Thank you for all of the kind words, your support means the world to me.
  I had an incredible trip to Geneva, and my adoration for Europe was renewed. 

I got to live with these two. Words cant express how grateful I am for the both of you, and our home. 

Football! I have the most generous friends a girl can dream of and have had a blast watching football and tailgating with yall. will, you’re the best brother I never wanted and thank you for taking care of me, inviting me to super fun things, and opening up your family to me.

What else?

I’ve reconnected with friends and family that I’ve been a bit distant from. I’ve met incredible new people not just while traveling, but right here in Charlotte. I’ve been overwhelmed by love and support and my gratitude for my life has increased tenfold. All of you who I am lucky enough to call friends and family, know that I adore you, and appreciate you more than I’ll ever be able to fully express.

All those details that I’ve left out? Maybe you’ll see them in the memoir. But that’s for another day.

Bon soir 😘