Singapore is an interesting, clean, efficient city. Everything there is just really…nice. After being in Singapore for just hours it was evident how much the people there care for their home.

While I was there I did a little bit of working out, lots of wandering, and even more eating and drinking.

Here are the highlights…

Day 1

Question: what should I do today?

Response: eat everything.


I had a great first day in Singapore. I started off with breakfast from Two Men Bagels- awesome bagel sandwich, orange juice, and a proper flat white. While enjoying my meal, I researched nearby yoga studios and found Yoga Movement. They had a power yoga class at the Carpenter Street location, so I googled some directions and packed up my bag.


Yoga Movement

I was thrilled by the amount of yoga studios in Singapore. I wish I had been able to try a few more, but I am really happy with my decision to try Yoga Movement. Their Carpenter Street location is a funky little studio with two rooms, one named “biggie” and one named “smalls.” So nerdy, I love it. The studio is housed in an old building in Chinatown, filled with character, and impeccably clean. Natural light pours in through the big, old windows, creating the perfect escape from the bustling streets below. On top of that, they provide pristine Manduka Pro mats. The class itself was a bit calm for a “power” class but it ended up being exactly what my body needed that day.

I love doing yoga in new places. While it was the same style that I’m used to back home, it is always interesting to see how poses, whether it be their names or how they’re taught, vary across countries, states, and studios.


After yoga I wandered around Chinatown. I stopped at Whips Cupcakes to pick up some treats before I headed back up to the apartment. I ended the day with a beer and a trip to the hot tub. ๐Ÿ™‚




That evening we had drinks with a view at the Fullerton Bay Hotel and dinner at BAM! back in Tanjong Pagar. The food was fantastic, and the sake endless.  After that we ventured up to Club Street for a bottle of wine or two at Drinks & Co.


sake sake sake

Super Saturday

I’m not sure how many meals I technically ate that Saturday, but I know it was much more than the standard 3. Breakfast started off at Two Men Bagels again, and lunch was a yummy BLT & beer. I spent the late afternoon wandering around Haji Lane, which was fantastic. Haji Lane is a narrow street lined with tiny boutiques, a few cafes, and it is exploding with character. I went in every single store and (surprisingly) didn’t buy anything! I did get a much needed manicure, though. I found “selfie” coffee, where you can have your selfie printed on top of your coffee. I still regret not doing it. On my way back to the MRT, I found Meomi, a “cat cafe.” No, this is not a cafe for cats, it is a cafe for people who want to play with cats. For only $16/hour you can enjoy endless apple juice, orange juice, or tea, while playing with cats in a very small room. I had heard of these establishments before but this was my first real encounter. No, I didn’t do that either.


love the background of this one.

i will be back for you.

fox ring makes it back to asia

real life
Dinner on Saturday…ok, dinner #1 was chicken rice at the infamous Maxwell Food Center. The food was delicious and cheap, and the beer was cold and smooth. Apparently it is a Singapore must do, and I’m glad I did.

Dinner #2: Holy Prawns. This was one of my favorite meals. “Satay Street” is a street blocked off and full of different satay stands. Its next to a big hawker center full of various food stalls, but the satay is the obvious choice. We had a nice platter of lamb, chicken, beef and prawns, but the prawns stole the show. We barely touched the others. It was a little touristy but when the food and atmosphere is that good, who cares? It was pretty hot down there so obviously the pitchers of Tiger Beer went down quite well.  I really appreciated having someone there to behead and peel my prawns. Sometimes its the little things…

maxwell food center



After the prawn massacre we headed out for some bar hopping. We found ice cold air con, comfy chairs and fun coasters at Harry’s…got invited to go on a party bus with a random man, and ended up at a bar that had swings for seats and was playing the most random music videos, on repeat. Oh, and they had really big beers. SOLD!


Dinner…#3? Although neither one of us was hungry, we stopped for late night chinese on the way home. I’m pretty sure we had some dumplings and vegetables and rice? maybe? Clearly a great night in Singapore.

The Sleepiest Sunday


So that great night in Singapore didn’t end until about 5am, which, coupled with a poor (mildly unconscious) decision to close the blackout curtains, caused a Sunday spent in bed. Sunday was salvaged with margaritas around 5 pm, followed by pizza and prosecco, and a lovely evening at the wine connection.




What did I do on Monday? I ate macarons. I wandered around for a long time while trying to decide where/what I wanted to eat for lunch. Shocking! I ended up in Clark Quay and to my surprise,a lot of the restaurants were closed. I ended up at a burger/brewery place on the river that I’m pretty sure was a chain. I felt kind of lame going there and knew that I could do better, but at that point I was so hungry and hot that I was thought I was going to pass out if I didn’t eat. So I got a massive cheeseburger and a mojito to cool me off. Works every time.


I spent some time at the pool that afternoon, and worked out at the gym in the building. That evening I wandered some more, finding a tiny, quiet italian place for dinner by myself. The sunday night pizza wasn’t great so I figured I’d give Singapore another pizza chance. This one was much better.



Poppin up…on a Tuesday!


ok, that was lame.

Tuesday morning I ventured out and tried a workout i’ve been interested in trying for a long time – Surfset! There are several locations and I was excited to find one in Singapore. I went to a “balance” class, which is required for first time “surfers.” The class started with some stretching, some core, a lot of yoga poses on the board, some pop up drills, and then some serious balance work. There were only three of us in the class, and the instructor was awesome. We were all first timers and there were a lot of laughs. I would definitely go back to Surfset, I think their other classes would be really challenging, but even the first class was a good workout. Its not quite a yoga class, it definitely isn’t surfing, but you get a feel for both. It felt like SUP Yoga, a bit more active, and a lot less water. Definitely a different type of workout.


My cab driver on the way home was hilarious. He was spouting out all types of stereotypes. Apparently he went to high school in Canada and told me that he didn’t have to try hard in school because he was Asian, and that they understand things faster. Then he told me about how much he hated french people, as they are too rude and expect people to speak french. He told me that the only reason he wasn’t driving like a mad man was because there were cameras in the cab. He was cracking me up and had absolutely no idea where he was taking me. We finally got there, and I didn’t mind spending some extra time with him. Oh, and later that day, on my way to Little India, I saw him on the subway!

sushi burrito for lunch
I had read that Little India was a great place to go shopping, but I couldn’t quite find the cute little shops I was expecting. I ended up in a big mall for a few hours and didn’t find anything. That night I had my first ever bowl of Pho at Pho 99. It was a little difficult to eat and I definitely splashed myself a million times, but it was worth it. So delicious!!

Wednesday…last day in Singapore


Total tourist day. A former coworker and dear friend of mine asked me to get a picture with the Merlion. So, I hopped on the MRT, made a brief stop at H&M, and found the majestic Merlion. Holy tourists! I haven’t seen that many selfies in a long time, if ever. The people watching was incredible…way better than the merlon itself. I snapped a few selfies and got some old man to take a picture of me with the Merlion, and went for a coffee. On par with the rest of my trip, I spent the next few hours wandering. I was lured into a restaurant on the river when they offered me a table right away and free wine. Kristin, really? REALLY?  Ok – by that point in my journey the restaurants were all starting to look the same, and, like the burger/mojito incident, I was really hot, and really hungry. So I sat down and drank the TERRIBLE free wine and ordered fried rice. It wasn’t good. But I ate it, and stared at the river, eavesdropped on my neighbors, and tried to cool off. It wasn’t a complete disaster…



After lunch I headed back towards Chinatown and shopped around a bit. I found crazy emoji pillows that I wanted to buy for all of my friends but I held back the urge. Sorry guys. Amy, you need the side smile pillow. Your side smile deserves it. I spent the rest of the afternoon in the pool, and then got ready for dinner.


Ohhhhhh, dinner. Dinner was at Sabai – delicious Thai food by the bay. The meal started with cocktails – the Bees Knees to be precise – lemongrass infused vodka, honey water, and lemon juice…absolutely delicious. We had spring rolls, a very spicy (for me) salad with beef, and wonderful green curry. Oh, and a bottle of Te Koko Sauv Blanc. Needless to say it was an excellent dinner.


The evening continued at a bar overlooking the bay, then up to the Marina Bay Sands. There were new acquaintances, a lot of champagne, and a view that was almost as good as the company. It was an aggressively awesome way to end the trip.


I’ll leave you with that for now. I don’t want to ruin all the fantastic food of this post with a review of my flights back, and the mystery meals I encountered. Thanks for reading my rambling. โค