August…whoa. One month to go. 


lots of power waffles
power waffles all week!
I shut down July with a few good workouts and a possible concussion. Monday- circuit training at Metro, Tuesday- circuit workout on my own at the YMCA, Wednesday back to circuit at Metro. Thursday morning, while loading my car up with stuff for Goodwill, I somehow managed to shut my car door on my own head. Yes, this is possible, and yes, I did it. And it hurt. A lot. I felt fine on Thursday and Friday, just a little more tired than usual. I worked out Friday evening but cut it short because I was dizzy and felt really weak. I have been watching my water intake like crazy lately, as the week before last I went an entire day without drinking any, and I really felt it at the gym. Saturday morning I went stand-up paddling with some friends and I felt good on the water, but then dizzy when I got off. Slept a lot Saturday night, and Sunday felt super dizzy. I stood up too fast in my kitchen, blacked out, and fell. My whole face felt numb. I went for a walk a few hours later and had a hard time walking in a straight line.  Bad news bears?

I’ve been feeling much better today…

walking down Queens Road West

sherbet sky

Anyways – We went paddling at The U.S. National Whitewater Center on Saturday. It is a short drive from Charlotte, but surprisingly, it was only my second time there. It was $25 to take SUP boards out on the Catawba river, and it was a beautiful day for it. We paddled for about 2 hours and stopped on a little bank to get some sun. It was a relaxing mini workout, and a nice day with friends. I love being out on the water in any capacity, and probably could have spent all day out there.



not happy about the mandatory
not happy about the mandatory “PFD”
I spent a lot of my free time in the evenings last week packing up my stuff. I have gone through most of my things that were in the attic and closets, and have about 1-2 more goodwill drops to do. I’m down to just the clothes remaining in my tiny dresser and tiny closet in my bedroom, and the stuff on my shelves. I’m definitely going to miss this bedroom…it is a very calming room, and I love that built-in. The idea of replacing my big pillows and cozy quilts with light sheets and a mosquito net is a tough pill to swallow.

plantation shutters. the best.

Despite my dizziness and nausea, there was still pizza to be had on Sunday. I tried a new one this week – Archer Farms Mediterranean Tomato & Arugula from Target. It was quite flavorful for a frozen pizza and I highly recommend it. Target, another win for you. Like you needed it.

Archer Farms Mediterranean Arugula Pizza
Archer Farms Mediterranean Arugula Pizza
This week I am going to try to take it easy…we’ll see how that goes.

Here’s what I’ll leave you with:

her fight is our fight ❤
One of my best friends in the entire world is currently battling brain cancer. She’s one of the toughest women I know and has been since she was a little girl. We started figure skating together when we were little kids, and we literally grew up together. She’s a sister to me. Click the link to help support her fight. It’ll mean the world to me, to her & her family, and so many other people who are lucky enough to know her.

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