Queens Road West,  one of my favorite roads to run
Queens Road West, one of my favorite roads to run

Last weekend was pretty tame. On Friday night I stayed in and ordered food from Ginbu, via GrubHub. Ginbu is a great little restaurant down the road from my house…I have heard friends rave about it but this was my first experience. I ordered crab wontons and a tempura shrimp roll for pickup. I stopped at Harris Teeter to grab a bottle of wine and a few minutes later my food was ready! So quick & easy.  My food was delicious and exactly what I wanted. Admission: I ate all six of the wontons. I tried really hard to not eat all of the wontons. But I failed.

crab wontons & shrimp tempura roll

So it wasn’t exactly a healthy dinner, but hey, it was Friday, who cares. After I binge-ate I then binge-watched Gossip Girl while attempting to organize my closet.  I have a TON of clothes and random stuff that I need to get rid of and it is starting to stress me out. Goodwill has no idea what is about to hit them!

Saturday morning I cleaned and ran a few errands, and then went to get my hair done. I had heavy blonde highlights and my hair was somewhat destroyed by the ocean and sun this summer. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get to a proper salon once I move, so I figured I needed to go back to something simple, and get my hair healthy again.

My friend Sharon and I have both been looking for a new salon for months. We used to go to the same stylist, and she is wonderful, but neither of us really loved her work. After going through Yelp reviews and Facebook pages, we chose Salon 42 in the Dilworth neighborhood of Charlotte.

Salon 42 is located in a shopping center next to an AWESOME sushi restaurant. The first thing I noticed was a cute sign out front that said “primpin’ ain’t easy,” I meant to take a picture of it but forgot. The space is rather small and it is obvious that they have tried to maximize it as much as possible. Each stylist has their own cubicle-type space, the washing bowl is also in the space and converts to a vanity. I’ve never seen a salon like this, and I’m still not sure how I feel about it. I never expect a particularly relaxing environment when I go to a salon, especially on a Saturday, but this place was hectic, at least for the first half of my appointment. This was definitely due to the size of the place and how many stylists they have crammed in there…when everyone has a client, it is a little crazy. But, by about halfway through my appointment people had started to clear out and it calmed down a bit. One negative: they didn’t offer me wine. Coffee, water, or tea…this might sound bad, but I really like to have a glass of wine when I get my hair done. Especially when seeing a new stylist. Calms the nerves 😉

salon 42
salon 42

After looking through her Yelp reviewer photos and Facebook posts, I chose to go to Kerri Underwood. She was awesome. We talked about what I wanted done and she gave me a few different options to choose from. I decided to demi-permanent color that was a close match to my natural, a conditioning treatment, and a cut. She took her time, was very thorough, and overall a really sweet person. She was social but not overly talkative. The color came out exactly how I wanted, as well as the cut. My hair looks and feels super healthy and I won’t have to get it dyed again or cut for awhile. Of course I finally find a great stylist in Charlotte, right before I leave. So it goes…

Overall it was a great experience. The salon was a little hectic and lacking some of the frills that upscale salons usually offer, but the service was excellent and I love my hair. So, I would recommend Salon 42 & Kerri to anyone. If I was staying in Charlotte, I would definitely go back.

see ya never, blonde!
see ya never, blonde!

After my hair appointment I met my friend Nick over at Southpark Mall. He wanted to grab coffee, but I was starving so I demanded lunch. We ended up sitting at the bar at California Pizza Kitchen, with an overly social bartender serving us. I ordered a lunch size BBQ chicken salad and it was delicious. Instead of coffee, we drank Blue Moon. As usual we talked about work and life and had a great time. After Nick left I made a weak attempt to also leave the mall but found myself in Nordstrom instead. I have come to terms with the fact that Nordstrom may be one of my favorite places, and I could easily (happily) spend an entire day, if not weekend, in a Nordstrom store. I’m just going to own that.

I went in to simply browse, but like always, I ended up in a dressing room trying on a bunch of beautiful clothing that I don’t need. Fun fact about me: I wear a lot of black. If i’m not in black, i’m probably wearing white. Sometimes beige on the weekends. My friends are constantly trying to get me to wear some different colors…it’s a work in progress.

this is what my fitting room looked like last Saturday.
this is what my fitting room looked like last Saturday.

I didn’t buy any of those pieces, but contemplated that cute little black romper by TopShop on the end. I loooooved it..it fit perfectly and has lace on the back. After staring at it for about 20 minutes I reminded myself that I’m about to move to American Samoa and I will have no need for such a beautiful little thing. UGH.

That evening I met up with Whit & Lew to see our friend John play at the Double Door Inn. This place looks like a run down house from the outside, but apparently artists like Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Buddy Guy have graced the stage there. Before heading home I stopped at Nan & Byron’s to say hi to my dear friend Alejandro, who now splits his time between Charlotte and Charleston.

My Sunday consisted of packing/organizing, a grocery run, and an hour at the pool. I did not work out at all over the weekend. I did my favorite 3 mile loop on Friday night and while I managed to keep up a good pace, I could really feel how tired my body was. I got up on Saturday and made the executive decision to NOT workout. My body needed to rest.