So long as I don’t have any concrete plans, I try very hard to be “productively lazy” on Sundays. I generally sleep in, drink a pot of coffee, and move at a very slow pace. I almost always go grocery shopping, and I almost always eat pizza for dinner. I like to go over to Metropolitan Center near uptown Charlotte. Parking is always a headache, but there’s great places like Trader Joe’s, Target, Zoe’s Kitchen, Tropical Smoothie, and Marshall’s. I particularly love brunch at Vivace . It usually takes me a few hours to accomplish very few things, but I let myself wander, sip coffee, and relax. I love it.

Sometimes I drink. Sometimes I wake up a bit hungover. And hungry. And after one too many excessive Target/Trader Joe trips, I have learned that I MUST NEVER, I mean EVER, EVER, EVER go there on an empty, let alone hungover, stomach…

The first time I ever experienced Bojangles was about a year ago. I wish I had never been introduced to the establishment, but, the damage is done.  There just so happens to be a Bojangles strategically placed within view of Metropolitan Center. So, last Sunday, in order to avoid buying way too much (and being that person eating the groceries/drinking several vitamin waters while shopping) I stopped at said Bojangles and ordered a bacon, egg & cheese biscuit. Ok so maybe some seasoned fries came with it. And lemonade. I went to the drive-thru and sat in the parking lot, people watching from my driver’s seat, inhaling every crumb of the biscuit. The fries were actually way too salty to eat. I was amazed by the amount of people who were “dining in” at the restaurant. The parking lot was packed, and people just kept coming. It blew my mind. While I sat there, attempting to build my shopping list in my head, I paused. I looked around and thought to myself “AMERICA,” “I’m going to miss this.” I took a sip of my artificially flavored lemonade and before I could even swallow it, I thought, “no… I’m not.” (more on that later)

food...or...something else?
food…or…something else?

So anyways, I brushed the crumbs off my lap and powered up the Nissan. Off to Target!

I didn’t really have an agenda for this particular Target trip. Well, maybe I did, but I lost it immediately upon entering the store. I wandered and wandered and wandered some more. I found myself intrigued by pretty piggy banks, silver fox figurines, and a plethora of scented candles.

ok, she's adorable
ok, she’s adorable

After spending way too much time looking at decor and…crap, I started shopping for things I actually needed. Here’s a fun fact about me: I love doing laundry. I love the washing, the drying, the folding. I love the smell of laundry detergent and dryer sheets. And yes, I love the laundry aisle at Target. Ok, please stop judging me now.

a slice of heaven
a slice of heaven

I finally made it to the grocery section and picked up a few things like coconut water, greek yogurt, and THESE:

life changing waffles
life changing waffles

I refer to them as PROTEIN PACKED POWER WAFFLES, and they are delicious. When they are toasting, they fill the kitchen (or office break-room) with the scent of cinnamon rolls/freshly baked wonders. They taste almost as good as they smell, and I am in love. They make a great breakfast or dessert – I like to drizzle honey and natural peanut butter on them. Give ’em a try. yum!

Ok, so I wasted a lot of time in Target last Sunday. But not nearly as much time as I wasted laying on my bed watching Gossip Girl. I do not regret any of it. I finished off the lazy day by catching up with a dear friend over pizza at Earthfare. 🙂

Sunday blues? never heard of ’em…

*Note: as I only have, like, 3 followers…this post was NOT sponsored by Target, van’s waffles, or Bojangles. But hey…free stuff? come at me!