I don’t know about you, but I am glad this week is coming to a close. Work was slightly less demanding this week, but I made up for it with some pretty tough workouts. Here’s what I did:

Monday: back to the track, same running 500 workout that I did last week, but I only did 3 rounds (so I guess it was a running “300” instead) because a storm was rolling in. I love getting caught in the rain, but there was a lot of lightning going down in the distance. I love this particular workout – it goes fairly quick and really hits the whole bod!

storm rolling in
storm rolling in!
I wrote the workout on a post it...eventually I'll memorize this one!
I wrote the workout on a post it…eventually I’ll memorize this one!
Tuesday & Wednesday: back to circuit training with Billy at metro fitness CLT . On Tuesday we did 3 5-minute AMRAPs with 60′ recovery between each AMRAP. The last AMRAP consisted of push ups and bent-over rows with dumbbells. I was very proud to have gotten through the entire 5 minutes without dropping to my knees during push ups. Progress! Wednesday’s circuit class was probably one of my favorite workouts we have done in awhile. There were a lot of kettlebells, lunges and burpees involved – we did each movement for 45′ with 15′ rest, went through the list twice. It was fast and fun and my body was burning by the end. After the workout we used lacrosse balls to work on shoulder mobility. It was so painful it nearly took my breath away, but it felt GREAT after. I think I need to buy a lax ball to keep at home.

Thursday: circuit again. We did a tabata, consisting of sit ups, kettlebell swings, pushups, wall balls, and burpees. The transition from pushups into wall balls was a little rough but after a few sets the wall balls started to feel better.

Tonight: I’m staying out of the gym. I’m planning on doing a light 3-5 mile run, unless I can get out of work in time to catch a yoga class. My whole body feels tight and sore and I think some hot yoga will work wonders. We’ll see though.

heavenly tomatoes
heavenly tomatoes
I fell in love with these little tomatoes from Trader Joe’s this week. They truly are heavenly…so sweet & delicious! I have been throwing them into salads and just munching on them while preparing dinner. My meals this week, as usual, were not very exciting. There were a few turkey burgers, quinoa, grilled asparagus (tossed in olive oil with some garlic salt) and chicken tacos. I found some boxed quinoa at EarthFare that turned out to be delicious…I will definitely buy it again. I’m all about quick and easy dinners. I leave my house around 7:45 each morning and don’t get back until 6-7pm, then I work out, and usually don’t start dinner until around 8pm. So, the easier, the better.

Socialympics XI

My friends and I have been anticipating this weekend for about a year now. Last year, we participated in the 10th (but our first) Socialympics at VBGB Beer Garden . We had a VIP team, 10 members, and our own pool! The best part of the whole event was the opening ceremonies – each team comes out to a song, many had themes, and choreographed dances. We were not expecting this – we came out to “All I do Is Win” by DJ Khaled and danced around like fools. My favorite team was “Russia,” they wore matching red outfits and even had their own Sputnik. At one point during the games we captured Sputnik and held him hostage. We also captured a blow up monkey, flamingo, and a questionable duck that was likely purchased at a sex shop. We eventually returned Sputnik but managed to hang onto our blow up friends. The flamingo resided in my sun room for months afterwards, but the duck stayed at the bar. I think our team finished last or second to last, although we were successful in a few of the events. Downing rum buckets at warp speed was one of our strongest events of the day, sadly it was not an official event of the games and likely attributed to our low placement overall. But, we had a BLAST and it was one of the best days I’ve had in Charlotte.

We have been discussing the games for months now, yet we still find ourselves horribly unprepared. I’m still not sure what our opening ceremony song or routine is – all I know is that our team name is “Champagne Showers,” and that I will be sneaking in some Pedialite to keep us from passing out on what is expected to be another very hot Saturday in the QC. I’ll post a full recap of the games next week. Wish us luck!

last year's team
Socialympics X