happy feet
happy feet at park lanes

Happy Tuesday!

This past weekend flew by. I ended up being much busier than I had originally planned, but I had a great time. I spent Friday night at the Dave Matthews Band concert at PNC Pavilion. It was my 15th DMB concert! They didn’t have an opening band so they played two long sets. The surprise special guest was Tim Reynolds- this reveal made the crowd (including myself) go wild. They played some new songs that I wasn’t familiar with but also threw in some of my favorite older songs – #41, Tripping Billies, Best of What’s Around… to name a few. My favorite part of the concert was probably the encore – they closed with Louisiana Bayou and All Along The Watchtower. Watchtower has been an all time favorite song (I know, they cover it) of mine and although I’ve been to 15 DMB shows now, I have only seen it live a handful of times. When I hear Louisiana Bayou, I am taken back to the summer that the album “Stand Up” was released. It was 2005, the summer after my sophomore year at Northeastern. I was working at a big law firm in Boston and living in gorgeous high rise apartment on campus, by myself. I could watch the jumbotron at Fenway Park from my living room. Anyway, that summer I did most of my workouts at Harvard Stadium (running the sections – google “November Project,” please, like, NOW) and long runs along the Charles River. I always listened to that album, and would replay Louisiana Bayou a few times per workout.

I had completely forgotten about that song, that album, and that summer until DMB started playing LB on Friday night. All of a sudden the memories of my apartment, the workouts, the stadium came flooding back into my mind. I could almost feel the sweat dripping down my face as I imagined the pain and glory of conquering Harvard Stadium, day in and day out. It was a great feeling to reflect on that time in my life, although that sweat dripping down my face – yeah, that was real, because it was horribly hot and humid that night!

Another cool part of the evening was the transportation up there. My friend decided that we would drive up in his jeep wrangler, which, at the time, sounded great. We even brought a fresh Mellow Mushroom pizza! And then we sat in traffic. With the hot sun beating down on us. With no a/c. The pizza was still really good, though.

PNC Pavilion
our transportation!
just loungin’ in traffic

On Saturday I got up and did a short, fast run. I have a short loop near my house that is perfect for getting a quick workout in. It’s about 3 miles but has a few decent hills to get the legs workin. I love it, and I run it often.
I spent the afternoon with a dear friend of mine looking for the perfect wedding dress. She tried on several dresses but ended up choosing the first one she tried on. The one she chose is perfect, and she looks absolutely stunning in it. It was a wonderful afternoon and I’m so grateful that I got to be there for such a special moment. The champagne was good too 🙂

dress shopping at Winnie Couture in Myers Park

After the dress shopping I stopped by Earthfare and picked up a slice of pizza and some groceries. I love that store, but I always spend much more than planned. I met back up with my dear friend mentioned above and her fiance. We had drinks at Maverick Rock Taco on Montford Drive while we waited for a table at Good Food. Those two love Good Food more than anyone I’ve met in Charlotte. It was only my second time there, but since I had already had pizza for dinner (oops!) I didn’t eat much. We ordered scallops and garlic fries and a bottle of wine. It was delicious.

My friend’s fiance, who is also a dear friend, talked a lot about their upcoming wedding. He was telling us that he wants to get multiple wedding rings on the day of the wedding so that in case he loses his ring the replacement will be just as special. He told us how he is looking forward to wearing his wedding ring, so that, when his wife is not with him, he can look down at his ring and have that little piece of her with him. I think the way he was saying these things made them so endearing – he was just sort of lost in conversation, very clearly not trying to say something sweet and sentimental. But man, he got us good.

scallops at Good Food on Montford

After dinner we headed across the street to Park Lanes and bowled a bit. We did not do well. But we had a blast. I drank a bit more than I wanted to, causing me to sleep in on Sunday morning. I spent most of Sunday wandering South Park Mall, picking up way too many groceries at Trader Joe’s, and then going for an evening run.

this gem is currently on sale at Nordstrom. such a bold statement 😉

All in all it was a great weekend. I managed to get some errands done and still spend quality time with loved ones. I wish I had made time for a yoga class, but perhaps I’ll just add one into this week’s workout plan.

Cheers for now!

PS: I ate pizza while writing this. Trader Joe’s Pizza Parlano, to be exact.