Good afternoon! In my last post I promised to write about Bali, flights, and that good stuff but i’m afraid today will not be the day for that. I have SO much to share about that trip – I would be doing it a great injustice if I attempted to write about it this afternoon, especially after the week i’ve had. Posts like that are meant to be written on a Saturday morning with a cup (or pot) of coffee. and snacks. yes, lots of snacks.

This week has been BUSY. I feel like I have been on an emotional roller coaster when it comes to my job – literally it feels like every other hour I either love it or I hate it. Every day this week I have been in a daze while driving home, and once I get there, I just want to collapse into bed.

But I can’t do that.

I’m having an “off gym” week this week. I like to do this every few weeks to change things up – not only does it get me to spend more time outside, it works as a way to remind myself that I don’t need a trainer, fitness class, or even equipment to get a great, tough workout in.I’ll occasionally use a pair of light dumbbells I have at home or a yoga mat, but other than those things, I rely on the road, grass, or a local track for my workouts. After a few months of practicing yoga (6 years ago!) the idea that “we are all we need” really started to resonate with me. It has many layers, but just looking at it from a physical sense – all we need to make ourselves healthy, fit, strong… is ourselves. Don’t get me wrong – I love gyms and all sorts of fitness gear, but it is a pretty awesome feeling when you realize how much you can do with your own body. it can be quite liberating, really.

So here’s what my week has been looking like:

Monday: Super busy “office day” at work. No court, just lots of phone calls, emails, and stress. When I finally got home, I ran about 1.5mi to a track near my house.  Once I got there, I did about a 6 minute ab circuit, and then started my workout.  See picture below. After the workout, I made very simple fish tacos using frozen mahi mahi, corn tortillas, greek yogurt, salsa, lettuce and tomatoes. I had trouble getting to sleep so I started watching Gossip Girl on Netflix. Before then I had never seen an episode…and now i’m hooked. No shame.

Tuesday: Another super busy day at work. Got yelled at. Sort of yelled back. I prefer to say that I “raised my voice.” Came home and did not want to run – it was super hot and humid here. So, I stayed home and did an ab circuit & TABATA workout. I use the Tabata Timer app…it is so helpful! It was about a 26 minute workout, completed in my sunroom. I made roasted red pepper quinoa and green beans for dinner. A little bland, but quick, and by the time I ate it, I didn’t really care what it was.  Ended my night with more gossip girl. oops.

Wednesday – another wild day at work. It was raining on my way home so my commute took forever. I don’t know why, but people here literally forget how to drive when rain clouds even start to form. so frustrating!  I stopped at Harris Teeter on my way home and went straight for the wine section, scooping up a rotisserie chicken on my way to self checkout. I think I looked like some sort of stressed out zombie roaming through the store. Oh well. I planned on preparing some veggies to eat with the chicken, but instead I stood at my kitchen counter and ate the chicken straight from the container with a fork, and a glass of red. Again, no shame.

So now it is Thursday…right on the cusp of the weekend…just not quite there. I’m going to run tonight in the 99 degree heat and likely finish off the rotisserie chicken and wine.