I started this blog from the coffee shop at the Rydges Hotel at Sydney Airport. I had 8 hours to kill while I waited for my flight up to Denpasar (Bali). Most people probably would have hopped on the train and headed into Sydney, perhaps grabbing lunch on the harbour or taking pictures by the Opera House. I chose to stay at the airport for a few reasons – I was a bit nervous that I would find myself wandering around Sydney, completely losing track of time and then rushing back to the airport with just enough time to catch my flight. I wasn’t concerned about being so caught up that I would miss my flight, I just wanted to make sure I had time in the airport. I have a thing for airports…

I did have a few other reasons for sticking around SYD…my travel plans included a night in Sydney on my way back to Charlotte, and I really, really, really wanted to get a workout in. I have a thing for working out…

After I landed and got through customs, I popped over to the Rydges Sydney Airport Hotel. I asked for a day pass to use their gym (knowing that SYD has shower facilities inside and outside of the international terminal…do your research). While I waited for the manager to check me in, they offered me a free coffee and stored my bags. I enjoyed a fantastic flat white while I messaged my friends and family to let them know I had arrived in Australia, and then I decided to start this blog. More on that later.

I got a great workout in. The gym was your standard hotel fitness center – treadmills, bikes, free weights, a few machines. I don’t love running on treadmills but after a 15 hour flight to Sydney I needed to move my legs. I had tons of energy and got in a nice, fast, run while watching Qantas planes take off in the near distance. I did some weights, a lot of core exercises, and then switched over to yoga. Knowing that I had another 5 hour flight ahead of me, I wanted to get some serious stretching in. I spent almost 2 hours in the gym – that was probably due to my lack of agenda and being the only person in there. It was a very relaxing, yet re-energizing way to spend a layover. I have been saying this for years, but I wish all major airports had fitness centers!

The Rydges fitness center did not have shower facilities (makes sense, as most patrons are hotel guests) so I collected my luggage and headed across the way to SYD. I was seriously impressed by the shower facilities there. Again, I was the only person there, and it was comparable to a locker room at a high end gym. The showers were clean, hot, and refreshing, and there were big vanity spaces that were perfect for getting ready. I took my time showering and putting on fresh clothes and makeup. It felt great to do so, as by that time, I had been in transit for roughly 28 hours. I brought along a mini hairdryer that had multiple settings for international travel…but I forgot to change the voltage and fried the thing in about a minute. I didn’t mind though, my hair was clean, and that’s all that mattered!

I finally made my way through security and grabbed some dinner before my flight. I was flying JetStar up to Bali and knew that I wasn’t going to be offered water, let alone food. I had a nice sandwich and an even nicer glass of sauv blanc before I ran over to duty free to pick up some waterproof mascara. That was the one thing I forgot to pack…turns out I’m really sensitive to the brand I bought, and that stuff made my eyes burn every time I went in the water. Which happened to be every.single.day.

I’m off to run some errands, but next post will have some flight reviews & the start of my Bali adventures.

Can’t get a flat white like this in the states. Sorry, Starbucks! #rydges #syd #oz #flatwhite #starbucks #travel
treadmill at Rydges SYD
me, mid workout! #rydges #syd