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summer seventeen

 The summer of the speedo has finally ended. I survived.   This summer started with a big trip back to the states and closed out with birthday celebrations, beach games, a fresh apartment & a floatilla. I left the island... Continue Reading →


7 minutes at Union Station

 So I have traveled a decent amount in my time and have found myself in many cities, airports and train stations alone. I have traversed the winding roads of Bali, the organized chaos of major cities in Asia, and have even given... Continue Reading →

just drag me to the finish: tales from the United Guam Marathon

  Back in 2009 I ran the Kona Marathon and it was one of the best experiences of my life. At the time, I thought that I had severely under-trained, as I only spent about 10 weeks actually training for the race.... Continue Reading →

oh my wow, Siargao!

     Siargao is a remote island in the Philippines that is almost entirely geared towards surf tourism. It is off the beaten path and after just a few hours there, jumped to the top of my favorite places list. Siargao supplies locals... Continue Reading →


    What just happened? My first full year on Guam proved to be quite the roller coaster ride...or maybe several rides on the sling shot apparatus in Tumon. The highs were high - to the point that I wanted time... Continue Reading →

finding comfort in korea

   I live on an a tiny, isolated island in the pacific, and, somehow, I found the need to go to a massive city to find solitude. Explanation: My life here is FULL and I feel like, no matter how... Continue Reading →

korea korea korea!

  Seoul...Round 2! Despite getting sick mid trip, this was a great Seoul trip. I took the same red-eye Jeju air flight as I did last time - and just like last time, it was a breeze. Cheap flight, free checked... Continue Reading →

sunday surfing thoughts

   23 October 2016 “the rain comes and goes but the earth remains” I attempted to surf again today. To say I “went surfing” would be rather misleading; I paddled out to the break and hung out there for a... Continue Reading →

summer on the rock(s)

  September, coming in hot! Where did the summer go? The last few months have been jam packed with way too much work, way too much fun, and way too much rain! I've said it before and I'll say it again... Continue Reading →

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